Robinson won’t run for MSC

Scratch Marietta Robinson as the Democrats’ Michigan Supreme Court candidate.

That’s the word from veteran government and politics reporter Tim Skubick on his blog and in a bylined report for the Michigan Information Research Service.

Robinson cited vote-siphoning concerns, now that the Libertarian Party has named Robert W. Roddis as its supreme court candidate. Skubick says “Robinson believes a chunk of her would-be support went to a minority party candidate” in the last election, which she lost to Justice Clifford Taylor, and feared a repeat this time around.

She’s not a fan of the Reform Michigan Government Now ballot proposal, which was long-speculated to be the brainchild of the Michigan Democratic Party. That notion was confirmed last week when the Mackinac Center for Public Policy posted on its website a Democratic battle plan for the proposal. The Mackinac Center says the power point presentation was found on a union website.

Skubick reports that Robinson was worried, and rightly so, than any head-to-head campaigning with Taylor will be little noticed in the din that’s about to be created by a Michigan Chamber of Commerce about-to-be-filed legal challenge to the proposal.

All well and good, but it strikes me that there may be another reason why Robinson has bowed out and others may think twice about throwing in: some of the groundwork Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer has laid for the supreme court contest borders on a 21st Century version of the theater of the absurd.

Last year, when the Detroit Free Press reported that most of the appellate judiciary was driving around in state-issued vehicles, Taylor, along with the other judges, turned in the vehicles. Brewer snagged Taylor’s car at a state auction. Since then, he’s tried to turn it into an icon of Taylor’s supposed self-interested feeding at the public trough.

Last week, Brewer called a press conference to celebrate the one-year anniversary of buying the car!

Brewer’s anniversary “gift” to Taylor? This letter:

“Dear Cliff,

“Since I’ve been driving your former taxpayer-funded car for a year now, I thought it was only appropriate that we celebrate our first anniversary. I’m sure you are missing it, so I wanted to let you know I am taking good care of the car as I travel the state sharing your pro-insurance company record with the voters. In fact, I have more than doubled the mileage on the car since you reluctantly turned it in after the scandalous press stories about your abuses. The car has been a big hit at press events, and our local activists love to have their picture taken with the symbol of your abuse of the perks of your office!

“Since I’m not in the habit of giving my car presents, I think you should receive this gift celebrating our first year together. A first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with paper – a letter, a book, or some fancy stationary. For you, I have packaged up some of my favorite news articles that chronicle your corrupt attempts to protect your own pay and perks while Michigan citizens have struggled to pay their bills.

“I have to tell you, the car is great. I am sure you miss it, but with your $164,000 annual paycheck and Lucille’s high paying job with Mike Cox, I am sure you have purchased something even more luxurious by now.



“P.S. Please let the voters decide the RMGN ballot proposal – don’t abuse your power yet again! Hope you enjoy our TV ad – it is running in your hometown!”

The TV ad Brewer refers to makes the stretchy argument that Taylor should decline to rule on any challenge of the ballot proposal because it contains a judicial pay-cut provision. See The Michigan Lawyer: MSC's Taylor target of new Democratic TV ad

None of this gives a Democratic high court candidate, whoever that might be, much to build on.

Brewer has said he’s prepared to spend $20 million on this year’s supreme court campaign.

Now he may have big trouble finding someone to spend it on.

3 thoughts on “Robinson won’t run for MSC

  1. Batman, you may be interested to know that Brian Dickerson, in his July 20 Detroit Free Press column, opines that the whole Reform Michigan Government Now mess “likely will strengthen the hand of insurgents who seek to depose longtime Chairman Mark Brewer and his anachronistic backers.”

  2. Funny how it is “news” that Robinson won’t be the MSC candidate when she was never actually nominated and never announced she was running.

    Folks, when a Skubick-rumor turns out to be false that ain’t news.

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