ADB reprimands ticket-fixing former Benzie prosecutor

The Attorney Discipline Board has reprimanded Anthony J. Cicchelli, the former Benzie County prosecutor, for fixing a speeding ticket for his stepson.

According to the ADB’s Notice of Reprimand, Cicchelli, identified as “respondent,” pleaded

no contest to allegations that, as an elected County Prosecutor responsible for handling traffic tickets and other civil infractions in that county, respondent requested and obtained from a district court magistrate the dismissal of a speeding ticket issued to respondent’s adult step-son, who was then residing in respondent’s home.

This was not Cicchelli’s first brush with the ADB for this sort of thing.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle reported last October that in 2005, Cicchelli pleaded no contest to an ADB complaint arising from “negligently inaccurate statements” made to a magistrate and the state police, after Cicchelli dismissed a friend’s speeding ticket.

The ADB reprimanded him for that conduct as well.

Cicchelli decided last July that he would not seek re-election.


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