SCAO reviewing letter about Livingston judge

Howell attorney Thomas Kizer thinks District Court Judge Theresa Brennan has “serious anger-management issues,” and has said so in a letter to the Livingston County Board of Commissioners, reports
WHMI-FM Radio.

Kizner sent a copy to the State Court Administrative office, which is reviewing the matter. Kizner is also expected to file a complaint with the Judicial Tenure Commission later this week.

5 thoughts on “SCAO reviewing letter about Livingston judge

  1. I know for a fact Judge Theresa Brennan has anger issues. I was in her court room July of 2006. She treated me like a crimnal with out even allowing me to speake for my self. She needs to be removed now!

  2. Judge Theresa Brennan is totaly against men in her court room. I did not have a chance to survive in her court room. She favors women only. She is totaly unfair in the court room.

  3. Brennan doesnt favor women fact is she doesnt favor anyone. I have seen her be a complete bitch to all walks of life. But her egomaniacle attitude is out of control and he not letting people speak is just her showing she is a control freak. But in some cases it is better not to let someone speak as it might bury them even deeper with the judicial system.

  4. I would like to know a few more details. What is driving the beef between Kizer and Brennan?

    It seems to me that the public would be better served by an investigation into Garagiola’s bias. But there is a widely known, yet hardly discussed, bond between the Kizer Law Firm and Garagiola. So someone else will need to take on that David vs. Goliath battle.

  5. SHE IS A BITCH!!!! Ive been in front of brennan myself, and my brother also, over marijuana, i didnt even have more then a quarter ounce and she gave me a year in jail over it. In the process, she asked me “hows your brother?” and also “your family really did a great job raising you two didnt they?” “if your mother was here i would send her to jail for raising you” ???? OVER WEED?? OMG!! I was totally polite to her the whole time, while she scowled,gave me dirty looks, yelled at me, told me to shut up, and she did it to everyone that came in front of her. i just read what she commented about, and its all lies! she doesnt want to help anyone, she wants to put everyone in jail and prison for nothing. Just cause shes got severe mental issues. I dont know if she hates men, or what it is. She has a severe power trip issue, and its even bad when my court appointed lawyer, was saying the same thing. She is a evil lady, and she does more harm then good. If anyone is running a campaign against her, then e-mail me, . i say we picket the court house until they remove her crazy ass out of office. I dont even smoke pot or do drugs or am involved with court systems or anything anymore, but i would like to see her get her egomanic, psychotic ass off that bench, anyone down? send me a message, the more people that come together and get involved, the more mountains we can move. ALSO, SEND LETTERS AND GET ON THE HORN AND START CALLING THE LOCAL POLITICIANS, AND THE MAYORS IN BRIGHTON, AND HOWELL, UNTIL WE CAN GET HER OFF THE BENCH!!!!

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