Courtroom decorum: Judge silences rowdy defendant with duct tape

In Canton, Ohio, Municipal Court Judge Stephen F. Belden apparently had more than enough of defendant Harry Brown’s argumentative ways.

After Brown interrupted the judge several times, Belden told his bailiff to get a roll of duct tape. Belden told Brown that if he interrupted him one more time, the bailiff would tape Brown’s mouth shut.

When Brown, accused of robbery and fighting with store security guards, interrupted the judge again, Belden said, “All right, duct tape, Duct tape the defendant.”

The tape was later removed during the hearing. “We’ll put some more (tape) back on if you decide to, uh, go back to your former, uh, disrespectful ways,” Belden told Brown.

The scene was recorded by the court’s audio and video monitoring system. has the story.

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