AG candidate Schuette says budget problems bad reason to release Michigan prisoners

Writing in The Detroit News, former Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Bill Schuette, now a state attorney general candidate, argues that balancing the state budget by releasing prisoners and cutting State Police officers are “reckless policies.”

Says Schuette:

By now we’ve all heard about the tragic story of the California woman who was kidnapped as an 11-year-old girl from the bus stop near her house. She was held for 18 years by a man who allegedly raped her, fathered two children by her and abused her in every way imaginable.

The man, who the neighbors say seemed nice enough, was a paroled sex offender under court supervision — and no one knew that a young girl was carefully hidden in his yard as his prisoner for nearly two decades.

Unfortunately, in Michigan, we’re taking dangerous risks that could have us reading stories like that here in our state. Lansing policymakers have embarked on a dangerous experiment of emptying our prisons instead of making the difficult reforms required to balance the state budget.

More of Schuette’s commentary here.

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