Special master appointed in Grand Rapids judicial misconduct case

The Michigan Supreme Court has appointed the Hon. Vesta Svenson as the special master who will hear judicial misconduct charges lodged against 61st District Court Judge Benjamin H. Logan.

In a formal complaint, the Judicial Tenure Commission alleges that Logan authorized a $5,000 personal recognizance bond for Kent County Commissioner James Vaughn, who had been jailed on a probable cause charge of aggravated domestic assault.

The JTC alleges that Logan did so after a series of phone calls between him and Kent County Commissioner Paul Mayhue, who had visited Vaughn after he was jailed.

According to the JTC, Logan was not handling arrangments the day Vaughn was arrested, and Vaughn had not yet been arraigned when Logan sent a fax to the jail authorizing Vaughn’s release.

The JTC’s complaint charges that Logan never asked the Grand Rapids police for additional information about the case, and never told them about the bond he authorized for Vaughn.

Vaughn was later convicted of aggravated assault and domestic violence, and was sentenced to a term in the Kent County jail.

In two separate letters, the JTC quizzed Logan about the alleged events. In each response, Logan denied speaking by phone or in person with Mayhue about Vaughn’s situation.

The JTC alleges that Logan’s denials “were false, willfully so, intended to mislead the Commission, and constituted a breach of Respondent’s duty to cooperate with the Commission.”

The JTC’s formal complaint alleges that Logan’s conduct violated the state constitution, several canons of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct, including MCJC, Canon 2C – allowing family, social, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment – and the Michigan Court Rules.


1 thought on “Special master appointed in Grand Rapids judicial misconduct case

  1. PLEASE do SOMETHING about Curtis j. Bell of Kalamazoo County’s Ninth Circuit Court, “Family” Division. This man is guilty of repeatedly violating my 5th and 14th amendment rights to due process. He is infamous in the family court of Kalamazoo for treating women very badly.

    Bell has provided my ex with five (5), yes five(5) ex-parte restraining orders. Bell REFUSED to reschedule a hearing on 09-21-2009 although he’d been informed on 09-18-2009 that my father was dying. His reason; my father’s “condition” was NOT deteriorating. BTW, I live in Wisconsin.

    Bell failed to provide my father with timely notice of his verdict. As such, my 88 year old dad who was in hospice for his terminal prostate cancer, died five days later. Or, in my opinion, my dad lived five (5) days too long to satisfy Curtis J. Bell.

    This is just one piece of my story re: Curtis J. Bell’s inability to behave ethically and with respect and civility. Further, he has continually violated my Due Process rights. Twice after my ex filed a FALSE CRIME REPORT against me with his employer, the City of Plainwell, MI., Judge Bell has told me in court that, “just because you didn’t get caught, doesn’t mean you didn’t commit the crime.” WHAT???? I was never charged and the case was closed on 08-11-2008. But good ol’ Curtis Bell continues to provide my ex with ex-parte PPO’S. Oh, did I fail to mention that Curtis and my ex’s attorney, Bob Champion are good friends? Oh, and that my ex’s attorney is ALSO Plainwell’s prosecuting attorney. As an aside, Bob Champion has repeatedly lied in court, altered documents and his buddy BELL just fails to note these facts. Convenient… My ex’s story re: the alleged crime has changed four (4) times, twice in court. Of course Bell misses these VERY DRAMATIC changes to my ex’s original story too; a story documented in Police Reports and a sworn Affidavit Bell was provided by Champion to obtain the PPO’S. These documents have all been attached to my pleadings. Obviously, Curtis needs a lesson or two on the U.S. Constitution.

    There are MANY women in Kalamazoo who have been subjected to Bell’s unique interpretation of the law. He’s either an idiot, ill prepared or corrupt, YOU DECIDE!

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