Foley & Mansfield PLLP takes top honors at MiLW’s 21st Century Innovator event

At Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s second 21st Century Innovators event, 21 Michigan firms were saluted for their new and different ways of achieving success — from going fully paperless to hosting free seminars on pressing legal matters, to finding new uses for software to composing a company code of core values.

But it was one firm’s idea that stood out as thinking beyond convention.

Foley & Mansfield PLLP took top honors at the 21st Century Innovator for its Detroit FM Employment Connection program, which offers employers an affordable way to discuss and solve potential labor law problems with an attorney.

C. John Holmquist Jr. and Gregory M. Meihn, who came up with the program earlier this year, said it was to help employers understand and get a handle on new legal changes that the Obama administration – and a dour economy – were bringing to the labor landscape.

At $150 per quarter for unlimited labor law-related advice, “Some would call this way of thinking the equivalence of a loss-leader,” said Lawyers Weekly publisher Alan Turner at the ceremony, which took place Sept. 10 at the Detroit Marriott in Troy. “We, however, call it innovation.”

For more on how Foley & Mansfield’s program came into being, and where it’s headed from here, check out the Sept. 21 edition of Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

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