Evidentiary hearing delayed in perjury prosecution against former Wayne County judge, others

A much-anticipated evidentiary hearing for former Wayne County Circuit Judge Mary Waterstone, retired Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Karen Plants and Inkster Sgt. Scott Rechtzigel and Officer Robert McArthur has been delayed until later this month, reports The Detroit News.

Attorney General Mike Cox is prosecuting the four on perjury or suborning perjury charges.

From The Detroit News:

The latest delay stems from a lawsuit filed in Wayne County Circuit Court by Waterstone. She wants to remove Cox from the case because of claims of conflict of interest. An attorney from his office defended her against complaints related to the case filed with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission. A hearing is set for Sept. 25.

Plants and the officers are charged with obstruction of justice, which is punishable by up to life in prison. Waterstone faces misconduct charges that carry a possible five-year sentence.

Prosecutors allege all four defendants knew officers lied on the witness stand to hide the identity of an undercover informant, who also testified falsely.


2 thoughts on “Evidentiary hearing delayed in perjury prosecution against former Wayne County judge, others

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  2. My Ex husband perjuried himself for 2 days on the witness stand and I tried to bring it to the attention of the prosecuting attorney with evidence and was laugh at. Also took papers to the IRS and they said he has to have cheated atleast a million dollars. If they would have look into those papers they would have found it. THERE IS NO TRUE JUSTICE ANY MORE. MY BELIEF NOW AS ALWAYS IS GOD.He’ll take care of it.

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