Financial manager, Detroit School Board continue court clash

Robert Bobb, the emergency financial manager for the Detroit Public Schools, won a court victory Friday against the school board in the battle over control of the district operations, reports The Lansing State Journal.

According to The LSJ:

Wayne County Third Judicial Circuit Court Judge Wendy Baxter ruled Friday that the school board has to rescind its decision to hire a treasurer because Bobb has authority over the finances.

Baxter granted Bobb’s request for an injunction to bar the board from moving forward with plans to appoint a treasurer. …

While Bobb won Friday’s battle, the court war continues as the board is still suing him, saying he has overstepped his legal authority by making academic decisions and that he has violated state law by not consulting the board on financial plans.

Bobb is countersuing, saying the board usurped his hiring authority by voting to make the acting superintendent permanent.

Bobb may have the upper hand.

The LSJ reports that he “has eliminated the board’s budget, saying he will not provide funding for the board to sue him.”

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