Macomb County Nativity scene goes to court

“A manger scene on a road median in Warren is the focus of a court battle over religious freedoms,” according to a story in the Detroit News.

“John Satawa of Warren, who says his family has erected a Nativity scene in the Mound Road median since about 1945, filed a federal lawsuit Friday against the Road Commission of Macomb County for denying him permission to do so this year.

“Satawa’s lawsuit is backed by the Thomas More Law Center, an Ann Arbor-based law firm that promotes Christian heritage and values.

“County highway engineer Robert Hoepfner said in a March 9 letter to Satawa’s attorney that the commission denied Satawa’s request to place the Nativity scene in the median south of Chicago Road in Warren because the scene ‘clearly displays a religious message.'”

1 thought on “Macomb County Nativity scene goes to court

  1. Seems like the new “hate crimes” legislation should now legally protect this individual from the Macomb County Road Commissions hatred towards his religious convictions. Thank you Obama for unwittingly doing something to protect those that follow Jesus!

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