Judge tells Sam Riddle to shut his mouth

The Detroit News is reporting:

A federal judge today blasted Sam Riddle for his repeated comments to the news media, telling the political consultant to “keep his fingers off a keyboard as well as his mouth closed.”

U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn said he’s reluctant to delay a January trial date on bribery charges because Riddle keeps talking to the news media.

“The court isn’t going to delay a trial when there’s a potential for polluting the jury pool by continued public comments,” Cohn said.

1 thought on “Judge tells Sam Riddle to shut his mouth

  1. Sam,
    I do believe in what you are doing. I fought for my right to free speach. This judge is burning the constitution of the United States. He should be tried for treason. Weather you did wrong or right, the judicial system needs to honor our right to free speach and not dictate what they think you should do.
    I am appaled by the way some judges think that they are above the mountain,”so to speak”. There should be no incarceration for speaking up. Just like the president on health care. Who is he to slap some congressman for not agreeing with him. Isn’t this what our freedom relies upon? GOOD LUCK!

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