No bargains in Livingston County

From comes the tale of an Oakland County lawyer’s encounter with 53rd District Court in Howell, the county seat of Livingston County.

According to Arthur R. Kainz, it can’t be said that the prosecutor and the sheriff drive a hard bargain on speeding tickets.

They don’t bargain at all. Says Kainz:

After my experience in 53rd District Court, I’ll not set foot in Livingston County anytime soon.

You see, I went to the 53rd to represent one of our employees with a speeding ticket, on a pro bono basis; the employees pay me nothing (nor does our company), but make a donation in an amount of their choice to Feeding America, which feeds hungry fellow Americans.

My client is a wonderful 25-year-old wife and mother who lives in Livingston County. She has never had a ticket in her years of driving. She was willing to pay the traffic fine and plead guilty, albeit to a charge that would avoid “points,” those nasty things that make your car insurance premiums increase. This is a commonplace legal disposition in all the area counties, except in Livingston County.

Apparently, payment of a fine and plea of guilty are not enough punishment for the authorities in Livingston. No alternate plea would be accepted by your prosecutor’s office or Sheriff’s Department.

So, instead of this young woman making a donation to feed people, she will be spending that money and more, to enrich her insurance company.

Full post here.

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