Your excuse for writing off those ‘Seinfeld’ DVDs as a business expense

If you have “Seinfeld: The Complete Series” on DVD as one of your holiday wish list items, a continuing legal education webcast could be considered the ultimate optional bonus feature for attorneys.

“‘Seinfeld’ and the Law: A Seminar About Nothing,” presented by the South Carolina Bar, describes itself as a “chance to brush up your legal knowledge in a unique and entertaining way,” by analyzing “a show rife with complex legal issues.”

For example, “The Puffy Shirt” concerns contract law, meeting of the minds, the Mirror Image Rule and damages.

Or “The Old Man,” which deals with elder law, conservatorship, competency and informal agreements.

Most famously, “The Soup Nazi” covers intellectual property and interestingly, libel and false-light cases, as the man who the character was based on was involved in an actual lawsuit regarding his being deemed a “Nazi.”

Then there’s “The Finale,” involving character evidence, modus operandi, and, because an in-show criminal trial takes place in the episode, relevancy.

Now, if only “Seinfeld” fans could have filed a class-action suit against the producers for such a bad series ending …

HT: The Volokh Conspiracy

— Douglas J. Levy

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