And we’re off …

We at the Michigan Lawyer blog are taking a few days off, and will be back at it on Dec. 28. We’re looking forward to  Monday’s newspaper rolling off the presses.

In it, we unveil the first of our two-part look back on 2009. Be sure to check out Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly’s look at the biggest stories of the year, as well as these:

Associate editor Douglas Levy’s analysis of the Michigan Court of Appeals’ decision in In Re Compton Minors. A trial court presiding over a juvenile proceeding may not conduct unrecorded in camera interviews of the minor children when considering whether termination is in their best interest.

Staff writer Brian Frasier’s analysis of expert testimony in Genna v. Jackson. In this toxic mold case, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the plaintiffs did not have to present expert testimony that the mold was the direct cause of their illnesses, allowing the jury to decide the case based on inferences.

 And staff writer Carol Lundberg visits the PACT (Parents and Children Together) court in Genesee County, where one judge is trying to help non-custodial parents get their own lives in order, so that they can be better parents.

Also, in our On the Stand feature, Gregory Ripple of Miller Johnson discusses being the co-author of the newest edition of the “Occupational Safety and Health: A Guide for Michigan Employers,” released by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

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