Cherry won’t run for governor

LANSING (AP) β€” Lt. Gov. John Cherry, considered the Democratic front-runner to succeed Gov. Jennifer Granholm, said Tuesday he has decided not to enter the race.

Cherry told The Associated Press that he couldn’t raise the money needed to mount a successful campaign.

“It’s the economy,” he said in an interview. “People are not in a position to give financially for campaigns as they have in the past.”

“You would have to spend significant dollars on TV to have a successful campaign,” he said. “It just wasn’t there.”

There had been recent signs of trouble, with Cherry shaking up his campaign staff. But Cherry said his campaign was on track except for the money.

His withdrawal likely will cause Democrats who had stayed out of the race to reconsider. With just eight months until the August primary, any new candidates may have to be able to finance most of their own campaign. That could point toward someone such as businesswoman and University of Michigan Regent Denise Ilitch.

Cherry’s withdrawal also could open the way for House Speaker Andy Dillon or Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero to enter the race. Both have said they’re considering a run. Request for comment were left Tuesday with their staffs.

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano also has been mentioned as a possible candidate.

Already running are Democratic state Rep. Alma Wheeler Smith, former Rep. John Freeman and Michigan State trustee George Perles.

2 thoughts on “Cherry won’t run for governor

  1. Mr. Marlinga needs to forget about wasting time in the State Senate.

    Cox can lose statewide because he is not from Grand Rapids.

    To win a Republican must turnout money and support from Grand Rapids, like John Engler.

    Cox —- like Granholm — is a McNamara Machine tool from Livonia.

    Any Democrat from Wayne County or Detroit (Archer) will lose statewide because they are all tainted by the stink of the McNamara Machine.

    Ficano is corrupt and actually worse than McNamara, because he is totally incompetent.

    The Democrats only way to win statewide is with a Macomb County Democrat, such as Sheriff Mark Hackel or Carl Marlinga.

    Both Marlinga and Bonoir are UAW loyalists. The UAW hates Dillon

    Just like Fieger, Marlinga’s past troubles could endear him to voters in the state’s urban areas such as Detroit and Flint.

    Marlinga the outsider with insider experience, vs. Cox the self-serving windbag.

    Marlinga vs. Cox would equal a narrow victory for the Democrats

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