Marlinga will run for state Senate

Former Macomb County Prosecutor Carl Marlinga has announced his candidacy for the Michigan Senate.

The 62-year-old Sterling Heights Democrat filed for office yesterday morning. Marlinga is seeking to fill the District 10 seat currently held by term-limited Sen. Michael Switalski, D-Roseville.

Marlinga was Macomb County’s prosecutor for 20 years. He resigned shortly after an April 2004 federal indictment charged him with corruption. A jury acquitted him in September 2006 of accusations that he intervened in two criminal cases in exchange for campaign contributions for his unsuccessful 2002 congressional campaign.

In announcing his candidacy, Marlinga said he will create a Web site that will detail the facts about his acquittal.

What about his chances of striking political come-back gold? From The Detroit News

Joe Munem, a Macomb County political consultant who formerly worked in Warren Mayor Mark Steenbergh’s administration, said Marlinga is a “good guy” with name recognition, but his work as a defense attorney and former allegations of corruption could hurt his chances.

“I’ve never seen a politician who was charged with a crime and acquitted who has ever come back and been able to win an election,” said Munem. “He might prove me wrong and be the exception to what really has been the rule.”

Marlinga has been in private practice for the last few years.

1 thought on “Marlinga will run for state Senate

  1. Mr. Marlinga needs to forget about wasting time in the State Senate.

    Cox can lose statewide because he is not from Grand Rapids.

    To win a Republican must turnout money and support from Grand Rapids, like John Engler.

    Cox —- like Granholm — is a McNamara Machine tool from Livonia.

    Any Democrat from Wayne County or Detroit (Archer) will lose statewide because they are all tainted by the stink of the McNamara Machine.

    Ficano is corrupt and actually worse than McNamara, because he is totally incompetent.

    The Democrats only way to win statewide is with a Macomb County Democrat, such as Sheriff Mark Hackel or Carl Marlinga.

    Both Marlinga and Bonoir are UAW loyalists. The UAW hates Dillon

    Just like Fieger, Marlinga’s past troubles could endear him to voters in the state’s urban areas such as Detroit and Flint.

    Marlinga the outsider with insider experience, vs. Cox the self-serving windbag.

    Marlinga vs. Cox would equal a narrow victory for the Democrats

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