Tyson Foods settles antibiotics class action

Tyson Foods settled a class action suit involving its claims on labels and in advertising that its chickens are not fed antibiotics. [The Daily Record/Baltimore]

Meat processing giant Tyson Foods Inc. has settled a consumer class action brought over its controversial chicken “Raised Without Antibiotics” advertising campaign.

Under the agreement filed Tuesday night in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, individual consumers will receive as much as $50 each. The cost to Tyson is $5 million, with $600,000 set aside to cover administrative costs.

“Therefore, approximately $4.4 million will be made available for distribution to class members — without the class having to incur the considerable delay and risk of seeking relief through continued litigation and trial, as well as any subsequent appeals,” the plaintiffs’ attorneys, led by James P. Ulwick of Kramon & Graham P.A. in Baltimore, wrote in their motion for preliminary approval of the settlement.

The $4.4 million includes up to $20,000 in incentive awards to the four named plaintiffs and four more class members who were deposed in the case last year.    Attorneys for the class also are expected to share a payment of up to $3 million, which is separate from the class members’ recovery.

Best part of the story is Tyson’s explanation:

“Our Raised Without Antibiotics chicken initiative, which we started in 2007, was suspended in 2008 due to labeling challenges,” the spokesman, Gary Mickelson, said in an e-mailed statement this morning.  “While we believe our company acted appropriately, we also believe it makes sense for us to resolve this legal matter and move on.”

Labelling challenges? What does that mean?

Tyson’s chickens are given feed laced with ionophores, which the U.S. Department of Agriculture classifies as antibiotics. Ionophores fight a widespread intestinal disease in poultry but, according to Tyson, do not affect human resistance to antibiotics.

That’s like blaming your driver when you hit a slice into the woods.

[HT: The Daily Record]


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