Says judge to city, Kilpatrick: hand over the records

Chief U.S. District Judge Gerald E. rosen is losing his patience. He’s ordered the City of Detroit and former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to respond to discovery motions filed by Norman Yatooma, the lawyer representing the family of Tamara Greene.

Yatooma stated that the city and Kilpatrick had failed to respond or object to the discovery request.

“The time for doing so has passed,” wrote Rosen in the Jan. 15, 2010 order. He gave them seven days to respond. “…in light of the disturbing trend evidenced by Plaintiff’ several motions to compel — namely, that at least certain of the Defendants appear to be consistently failing to provide timely responses to discovery requests, despite the evident efforts of Plaintiffs’ counsel to resolve these matters cooperatively — the Court cautions the parties and their counsel that any further failures to provide timely and appropriate responses to discovery requests will be met with escalating rounds of sanctions, up to and including dismissal of claims or the entry of judgment against recalcitrant parties.”

Greene was killed in a drive-by shooting in 2003.

Reports the Detroit Free Press:

Greene’s family alleges in a federal civil lawsuit that Detroit officials conspired to thwart the investigation into her unsolved drive-by slaying in April 2003.
Greene was rumored to have danced at a never-proven party in fall 2002 at the Manoogian Mansion.
According to the rumors, Greene, who went by the stage name Strawberry, danced for Kilpatrick and others before the mayor’s wife, Carlita, walked in and assaulted Greene.


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