Taylor City Attorney Wars V: License To Bill

[Note: I clearly find this fascinating. Here’s Part I, II, III and The Revenge.]

It’s come to this. Tomorrow, in at least one courtroom in Wayne County, judge(s) will consider motions that could bring our story to a close.

The first motion was filed over a month ago, detimageailed in Part I, was filed by the city through Mayor Jeffery Lamarand, asked the court to force its city counsel Edward Plato, to vacate the position in place of cheaper counsel.

The second motion, filed last week and detailed in The Revenge, was filed by the city council majority to force the mayor and council president Cheryl Burke to stop obstructing votes.

We’ve heard that the motions were expected to be consolidated and heard by Wayne County Judge Susan Borman, but we’ve yet to see confirmation of this. The News Herald has reported the the cases are scheduled in two separate courtrooms, 9 am in Judge Virgil Smith’s courtroom and 9:30 am in front of Judge Borman.

Lamarand said both cases could be moved into one courtroom, or the times delayed, because the plaintiffs and defendants cannot be in two places at one time.

(Clearly, someone’s never been in Judge Borman’s courtroom.)

Since the second suit was filed, our key players again reassumed their hypocrisy [The News Herald, of course, is covering this story like Deion Sanders]:

Burke said that if the council wants to file a lawsuit together without her or Brandana, “they should have done it as private citizens with their own money, not the taxpayers’.”


Lamarand said the council’s lawsuit is “erroneous and irresponsible.”

Yes, but when you filed the first action to override the majority vote to keep Plato, it was right and proper.

Anyway, we hope to have the result here tomorrow. Unfortunately, as bad as we want to do so, we can’t attend.

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