Former MILW publisher Dan Sharp dies

Daniel S. Sharp, Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s founding publisher, has died. He was 57.

Dan’s sheer will and capable guidance nursed MiLW from its infancy in 1986 and through the paper’s growing years.

He left in 1994 to start a private practice in Marblehead, MA with his wife and law partner, Elaine Whitfield Sharp.

It was my distinct pleasure and privilege to work with Dan; to share with him the thrill of our first issue rolling off the press.

Dan had exacting standards for MiLW.

Early on, we had a bad week in terms of typos in the paper. The next issue featured a publisher’s note from Dan, complete with a photo of him with a bag over his head, as he apologized profusely for the lapse in quality and made a heartfelt promise to do better.

Dan was a first-class colleague and a mentor without peer. He provided me with good counsel, professionally and personally.

He will be missed.

Dan’s funeral service will be held at the Old North Church in Marblehead on Friday, Feb. 19 at 11 a.m. Arrangements are being handled by the Eustis and Cornell Funeral Home, Marblehead.

The Swampscott Reporter has Dan’s full obituary.

1 thought on “Former MILW publisher Dan Sharp dies

  1. This is sad news indeed, Ed. When you and Dan hired me back in ’92, I’d been in private practice as an attorney but had no journalistic training. You decided to take a gamble and Dan backed that decision, and I will always be grateful for that. Thanks to you both for a great six years at the paper and all that that experience made possible.


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