State senator proposes ending no-fault divorce

The Michigan Messenger is reporting this morning that Michigan Sen. Michelle McManus (R-Lake Leelanau) has introduced a bill that would bring back the pre-no-fault divorce to Michigan.

No fault divorce, in the unlikely event that the bill passes, would no longer be an option for couples with children or couples in which one of the spouses doesn’t consent to the divorce.

1 thought on “State senator proposes ending no-fault divorce

  1. That would be a mistake. I currently live in a state where there is not no-fault and the difference is very expensive to a spouse that hs been wronged. In addition, you can still state reasons for a divorce in Michigan, you just make the process easier and less expensive to all the parties and the judicial system. Since your judicial system is already crowded, it makes sense to keep the no-fault divorce and keep the dockets from overflowing with proceedures that would not be needed by keep the no-fault divorce.

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