Taylor City Attorney Wars Part VII: Eddie Lives!

[Something told me we hadn’t heard the end of this one. For background, see parts I, II, III, IV, V and VI. Good Lord, this has more sequels than ‘Police Academy.’]

When we last left this story, on February 5, Judge Susan Borman had ordered that Taylor mayor Jeffery Lamarand did indeed have the power to fire city attorney Edward Plato, but the city council had to approve of any new city attorney.

imageAs everything up to this point had played out in public in the second-most embarrassing way possible (I mean, no one’s going to jail), I expected more fireworks. But no. Last week, the City Council voted to appoint former Taylor police officer John Martin, Jr. of Plunkett Cooney as the new city council.

The only argument involved was over Martin’s $125 an hour rate. (You may recall that this fight began over Lamarand wanting to hire Randall Pentiuk for $90). I’m not saying it was a love fest but let’s just say that The 5th Dimension played the after-party.*

* Really, I can’t back that up.

But Plato would not go easily into the night.**

** Allegedly!

The city has had to sue Plato to get its files back. According to court filings, Plato has refused to give them up, despite the court’s ordering him to do so. In fact, the city learned after the court hearing that Plato had accepted service of a complaint and answered it two days before the February 5 hearing.

Plato has claimed that he is the insurance defense counsel chosen by the insurance company, therefore, the files belong the insurance company so he can’t return them. However, in a supplemental filing, the city argued that the insurance company agreed to allow Taylor to choose its own insurance defense counsel.

The motion will be heard this Friday morning by Judge Borman.

The motion, brief, and supplemental motion filed by the city can be found here, here and here.

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