Monica Conyers going back to school … divinity school

Almost too good to be true. Maybe she can find another Synagro to pay her tuition as well. From the Associated Press:

DETROIT (AP) — Detroit ex-councilwoman Monica Conyers says she’s enrolled in a divinity school.

The wife of Democratic Congressman John Conyers of Michigan is awaiting a prison sentence for corruption. She told The Detroit News on Thursday that she enrolled in the school since resigning last year.

Monica Conyers says the school gives her peace and declined to disclose its name, saying she feared media attention. She says she would like to become a counselor.

Monica Conyers has appealed her criminal case. She had requested to scratch her guilty plea to conspiracy to commit bribery before being sentenced in March. She is scheduled to start a 37-month prison sentence by July 1.

Too bad it’s not a convent. Monica would do well for herself if she took a vow of silence.

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