MSC amends court rules, appoints chief probate judge

In orders released yesterday, the Michigan Supreme Court:

  • appointed Thomas K. Byerley as chief judge of the Eaton County Probate Court for a term ending Dec. 31, 2011. ADM File No. 2010-01.
  • amended MCR 6.433 to require criminal defendants to show good cause before being furnished a second set of court documents at no charge. ADM File No. 2008-25.
  • amended MCR 7.211, 7.313 and 8.119 to clarify that materials filed with a trial court, with the Court of Appeals, or with the Supreme Court that relate to a motion to seal a record are nonpublic until the court disposes of the motion. ADM File No. 2009-18.
  • retained amendments of MCR 5.105, 5.125, 5.201, 5.501, 5.801 and 5.802 and retained new MCR 5.208. ADM File No. 2009-26.
  • proposed amendments of MCR 3.973, 3.975 and 3.976 to require a court to maintain a local foster care review board report in the court’s confidential social file, and ensure that all parties have had the opportunity to review the report before the court enters a dispositional order, dispositional review order, or permanency planning order. Courts also could include recommendations from the report in their orders under the proposed language. ADM File No. 2010-09.
  • proposed an amendment of MCR 1.108 to allow a computed period of time to be extended to the next day the court is open when the last day in the period is a day that the court was closed by court order. ADM File No. 2009-30.

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