Eastern District Bankruptcy Court updates local rules

More than a year ago, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan revamped its local court rules and posted the changes on the court’s very fine web site.

Well, not quite all of the changes. Here’s a communiqué from the court:


It has come to the Court’s attention that there is an error in the copy of the Local Bankruptcy Rules posted on the Court’s website.

Specifically, the copy of Local Bankruptcy Rule 3001-2 on the Court’s website does not contain subsections (e)-(h).

Subsections (e)-(h) were added to Local Bankruptcy Rule 3001-2 on March 24, 2009 pursuant to Administrative Order 09-4. Subsections (e)-(h) of Local Bankruptcy Rule 3001-2 have continuously been in effect since March 24, 2009.

The copy of the Local Bankruptcy Rules on the Court’s website has now been corrected to include subsections (e)-(h) to Local Bankruptcy Rule 3001-2.

June 14, 2010
Phillip J. Shefferly
Chief Bankruptcy Judge

Rule 3001-2 deals with adjustments of period payments on secured claims in Chapter 13 cases. Subpart (a) requires creditors to provide debtors a statement for any proposed increase or decrease of periodic payments and sets a 42-day deadline. The formerly omitted subparts:

  • provide an exception for creditors where the period payment changes more frequently than every six months (subpart (e))
  • permit debtors to file notices of decreased payments (subpart (f))
  • provide the effective date for proposed payment increases (subpart (g))
  • determine when Rule 3001-2 applies (subpart (h))

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