Our founding tweeters

What if Thomas Jefferson used an iPhone instead?

In honor of Independence Day, Slate.com is running a contest: Reduce the Declaration of Independence to a single tweet.

The best of the best will be published this weekend. Among the entries so far:

Don’t need kings. Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of happiness are easier when everyone has the same rights. Bye-bye, Britain.

Everyone is equal in every way. No one has the right to make other people suffer. We are united in this belief.

This isn’t working. I tried to dump you in Boston, but you weren’t listening. You don’t make me happy. Please don’t be mad.

#TinyDeclaration. King’s a jerk. Let’s spinoff. Don’t worry about the slavery thing; it’ll take care of itself.

@kinggeorge3 no more top-down mgmt from U. we 13 will pursue happiness with own govt. U messed with our TEA.

KG3: You suck. Whole bunch of reasons. Shoulda seen it coming. We’re done (Sorry). Later. Peeps of Congress.

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