Who’s picking up THAT bill?

Ever since Christmas Day, when the story broke about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s alleged attempt to blow up a plane, Michiganders have had the pleasure of hearing those two words, “over Detroit,” attached to every reference to the incident.

It’s enough to make residents of a state with an already tarnished image, a state that’s the butt of plenty of jokes on the late-night comedy/news hybrid programs, bristle just a bit.

Now, to add insult to injury, The Detroit News reports that the federal government is raising the bar to provide better security during the trial, if Abdulmutallab doesn’t opt for a plea before then. But it’s unclear who’s going to pay for that extra security.

Rep. Candice Miller, R-Harrison Township, has already sent a letter to Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, explaining that Michigan just can’t afford the extra security, but thus far, a spokeswoman from Miller’s office has said that the response from the feds is a little vague, and along the lines of, “We have some money in the budget, but we’re not going to tell you how much of it you can get.”

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