Kwame returns to court again

In case anyone is still interested, former Detroit mayor/current ward of the state Kwame Kilpatrick will be in federal court in Detroit today to be arraigned on felony fraud and income tax charges.

Paul Egan of the Detroit News talked to several Detroit criminal attorneys about the potential of a plea deal that could put Kwame – and, let’s face it, the weary public – out of their collective misery. Kwame’s attorney in the also-pending-in-federal-court Tamara Green civil case, James C. Thomas, said such talk is premature.

"He’s just been charged," Thomas said, adding that prosecutors have not yet provided him with summaries of the evidence they have against Kilpatrick, known as discovery.

"I’m going to defend him vigorously," Thomas said. The possibility of any deals will hinge on "what is the evidence" and "what are the client’s wishes," he said.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Thomas will represent Kwame today, but is not his counsel for the federal prosecution.

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