‘Aiding and abetting a drug deal’ defendant pleads guilty

A few months back, the Michigan Supreme Court held that Brighton attorney Ronald Plunkett, who drove his girlfriend to a drug dealer in Detroit, and gave her money to buy drugs which were later given to a third person who died of an overdose, could be charged with aiding and abetting the sale of narcotics causing death. (See “‘Aiding’ decision going too far?”)

The theory, according to the court, is that Plunkett aided and abetted the drug dealer by driving his girlfriend to the dealer and supplying money for the transaction. The decision was criticized by defense attorney as opening the floodgates for anyone in a transactional crime (think gambling, etc.) to aiding and abetting.

On Monday, Plunkett pleaded guilty to a reduced charge [AnnArbor.com]:

Ronald James Plunkett, 53, pleaded guilty this afternoon in Washtenaw County Circuit Court to delivery of less than 50 grams of cocaine and maintaining a drug house.

He admitted to giving someone cocaine at his Fuller Court apartment on June 16, 2006 – the day 22-year-old Tiffany Gregory collapsed there and died after consuming a combination of alcohol, cocaine and heroin.

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1 thought on “‘Aiding and abetting a drug deal’ defendant pleads guilty

  1. What a story! I seemed to miss this in the news. Pretty unbelievable circumstances, but he must of thought the reduced sentence was his best option. I can understand if the ruling was made without a 3rd party involved, but this seems like a stretch to me. I do believe this will open the floodgates as you said maybe not for drug deals, but definently gambling. Either way thanks for the post, I learned something today.

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