COA: Tea Party will not appear on ballot

The Michigan Court of Appeals said yesterday in a unanimous opinion that Tea Party candidates will not appear on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Tea party members have said that the “Tea Party” that attempted ballot certification is bogus; some of the 23 candidates and petition signers could not be properly identified as legitimate.

“The court, in a cryptic order released Monday afternoon, said the Tea Party failed to ‘strictly comply with the requirements of’ state election law in submitting 60,000 petition signatures to qualify its candidates for the ballot.

“As a result, the Board of State Canvassers had no “clear legal duty” to certify the candidates as the Tea Party had requested, the court said.

“The appeals panel was made up of Judges Michael Kelly, Patrick Meter and Donald Owens,” reports the Detroit Free Press.

The Tea Party on Aug. 31 filed an appeal with the Michigan Supreme Court in The Tea Party v Board of State Canvassers, COA case no. 299805; MSC case no. 141694.

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