MSC amends MCRs

In recent administrative actions, the Michigan Supreme Court:

  • amended MCR 3.973, 3.975 and 3.976 to require a court to maintain a local foster care review board report in the court’s confidential social file, and ensure that all parties have had the opportunity to review the report before the court enters a dispositional order, dispositional review order, or permanency planning order. Courts also may include recommendations from the report in their orders under the new language. ADM File No. 2010-09.
  • amended MCR 6.201, which governs discovery in criminal proceedings, to include electronically recorded statements among the materials that must be furnished to other parties. ADM File No. 2008-38.
  • amended MCR 1.108, which governs computation of time periods prescribed or allowed by court orders or statutes, to include any day that a court has ordered a court closure. The time period would be extended to the next day the court is open. ADM File No. 2009-30.
  • proposed an amendment to MCR 2.002, which clarifies that if a party files a frivolous or malicious action, a court may deny the indigent party’s ability to proceed in forma pauperis. ADM File No. 2008-12.

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