Autopsy shouldn’t take two tries

Macomb County’s medical examiner has some explaining to do.

After Macomb County Medical Examiner Dr. Daniel Spitz reported that an autopsy of banker David Widlak showed an apparent cause of death as drowning, the Oakland County Medical Examiner then, at the request of Widlak’s family, took a look and found a gunshot wound at the base of the neck.

Initially, Spitz said Oakland found the wound because of digital X-rays, but no, it was a visual examination that found the wound, said Oakland County Medical Examiner L.J. Dragovic.

The X-rays were used after the exam found the wound and pinpointed bullet fragments in the body.

So, what’s the explanation? You almost expect foul play in a scenario like this and would expect that a thorough — very thorough — exam would be done to rule out any eventuality.

Isn’t that what autopsies are for, after all?

Now, any autopsy in Macomb County that may have affected someone badly is subject to scrutiny. Shades of the Detroit crime lab all over again.

OK, so there won’t be many exhumations to perform new autopsies, but had the family not paid for a second autopsy, the police might still be befuddled about the cause of death, and may not now be investigating this as a homicide.

This is yet another shining example of why the public’s view of government has eroded to cynical and skeptical at best.

For the latest, read The Detroit News story.


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