MSC rejects Aceval appeal

The Michigan Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of Alexander Aceval, whose trial is at the center of a felony case against retired Wayne County Circuit Judge Mary Waterstone, former Wayne County prosecutor Karen Plants and an Inkster police sergeant officer.

The Detroit News reports in a 4-2 vote, the Court rejected the appeal of the 2005 drug conviction, which “came after a trial in which the judge, prosecutor and two police officers are alleged to have allowed or told lies under oath.”

Justices Stephen J. Markman and Diane M. Hathaway dissented. From the News:

Markman said he would have voted to reverse Aceval’s conviction, calling the case “extraordinary” and “without precedent” in Michigan judicial history. He said both of the man’s trials were flawed and unconstitutional. He recalled an earlier Court of Appeals review of the case that determined the actions of Waterstone, Plants and the police officers was, “disgraceful,” and “plainly reprehensible.”

Markman said he hopes “never again to see such a case within our criminal justice system.”

Read the whole story here.

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