MSC: Macomb Circuit Court will test e-filing project

Macomb County Circuit Court will initiate an e-filing pilot project under a recent order issued by the Michigan Supreme Court.

The pilot project is established to study the effectiveness of electronically filing court documents in lieu of traditional paper filings.

The pilot project shall begin on January 1, 2011, or as soon thereafter as is possible, and shall remain in effect until December 31, 2012, or further order of this Court.

The 16th Circuit Court is aware that rules regarding electronic filing have been published for comment by this Court. If this Court adopts electronic-filing rules during the pendency of the 16th Circuit Court Electronic Document Filing Pilot Project, the 16th Circuit Court will, within 60 days of the effective date of the rules, comply with the requirements of those rules.

The 16th Circuit Court will track the participation and effectiveness of this pilot program and shall report to and provide information as requested by the State Court Administrative Office. ADM File No. 2002-37


Identifying information of witnesses, crime victims and their families will be kept from presentence investigation reports under amendments to MCR 6.425 and 6.610.

An address may be revealed if it “is used to identify the place of the crime or to impose conditions of release from custody that are necessary for the protection of a named individual.”

The Court amended the court rules to conform with statutes enacted last year. ADM File No. 2008-39.

The Court tweaked recently issued MCR 8.120, the rule dealing with law students and recent grads working in legal aid offices, defender offices and legal training programs.

According to the staff comment accompanying the rule, “clinic patrons must be informed that if they are seeking advice as part of a short-term ‘hotline-type’ situation, it may be a law student providing the counsel, and that by proceeding to the consultation following that notification, the clinic patron consents to such representation.” ADM File No. 2009-25.

In other recent orders, the MSC:

  • reappointed Judge Alfred M. Butzbaugh, Judge Jane M. Beckering, Elizabeth Phelps Hardy and Paul C Smith to the Committee on Model Civil Jury Instructions. The Court appointed Butzbaugh as the committee chair. The MSC also named Hon. Donald A. Teeple, Mark. R. Bendure and W. Mack Faison to the committee. ADM File No. 2010-01.
  • appointed Reverend Douglas Ward Gallager as a layperson member of the Attorney Grievance Commission for a term ending Oct. 1, 2013. ADM File No. 2010-01. Gallagher is a Minister Emeritus of the Birmingham Unitarian Church.

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