MSC: ‘thoroughly politicized’

Strong editorial words from The Lansing State Journal this morning about our Supreme Court:

The past decade has seen an embarrassment of acrimony on the court. Some of the key players in that unpleasantness are gone and citizens must hope they packed the venom and took it when they left.

That said, the problems on the high court go deeper than personal conflicts.

From the outside looking in, the Michigan Supreme Court has built a record that looks blatantly partisan and, frankly, up for sale to the special interests that can muster the most money to purchase election advertising. Citizens should be asking themselves how the people elected to these supposedly “nonpartisan” positions can appear to be so thoroughly politicized. …

Michigan could sorely use a change to eliminate partisan involvement in nominating justice candidates. It also needs campaign finance reforms that take special interest money out of judicial races.

These are not easy problems, but until they are fixed, justice in Michigan only pretends to be blind.

The LSJ editorial also wonders whether the game of judicial ping-pong — precedent being reversed when the political majority shifts on the Court — will continue now that the Republicans are back in the driver’s seat.

The LSJ‘s editorial board is doing some plain talking about something that’s plainly a problem.

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