‘Hot Coffee’ brings tort reform quandaries to big screen

Most of us remember Morgan Spurlock taking on McDonald’s in the 2004 documentary/human nutrition endurance test Super Size Me.

Well, get ready for another shot of Mickey D’s making it to the silver screen.

But this time around, the Golden Arches is examined as the catalyst for civil justice gown wrong. And if Hot Coffee is as successful as Super Size Me was among the masses when released into theaters, there’s gonna be trouble.

The film makes its premiere at next week’s Sundance Film Festival. Here’s the skinny from its Sundance site, where there’s also a trailer:

For many Americans, the famous McDonald’s coffee case has become emblematic of the frivolous lawsuits that clog our courts and stall our justice system. Or is that exactly what McDonald’s wants us to think?

Enter intrepid filmmaker Susan Saladoff. Using the now-infamous legal battle over a spilled cup of coffee as a springboard into investigating our civil-justice system, Saladoff exposes the way corporations have spent millions distorting this case to promote tort reform. Big business has brewed an insidious concoction of manipulation and lies to protect its interests, and media lapdogs have stirred the cup.

Following four people whose lives have been devastated by their inability to access the courts, this searing documentary unearths the sad truth that most of our beliefs about the civil-justice system have been shaped or bought by corporate America.

Informative, entertaining, and a stirring call to action, Hot Coffee will make your blood boil.

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