Lifetime U-M bans to be lifted for some

Been banned from the University of Michigan’s campus? Good news, you soon may be able to go  back and get banned all over again:

U-M has revised its policy that allowed U-M police officers the discretion to ban people from campus for life. Under the new policy, which takes effect next month, those bans will only last for a year. After the year, the university’s police chief will have the ability to either let the ban lapse or extend for another year.

Because of the change, U-M police are in the process of reviewing the 1,800 adults and 200 juveniles currently on the list. Interim Police Chief Joe Piersante said he expects about 900 people to be notified by the end of the summer that they have been dropped from the list.

The changes were made in the wake of two high profile cases involving the university. One involving former assistant AG Andrew Shirvell, whose sordid story you can relive here, here, here, here, and here, and the other involving a former member of its pediatrics/cardiology department.

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