NFL case hits the 8th Circuit

Today was the oral arguments in Brady v NFL, also known as the Football Apocalypse. If you’re a football fan, the result of this appeal will likely affect whether there will be professional football this year. And with the Lions seemingly on the cusp of being not embarrassing a playoff contender, now would be a horrible time for the league to decide to shut down because a bunch of billionaire owners and millionaire players can’t figure out how to split up $9 billion.

But, if it could go that far, the case could inevitably have a larger effect on labor law as the court deals with issues related to the Norris-LaGuardia Act, whether the lockout is legal, and whether the union’s decertification was a sham.  Of course, if it does go that far, we won’t be having a 2011 season. As one of the judges says near the end, we won’t be disappointed if they settle before a decision is released.

If you’re interested in hearing the oral arguments, (Hey, who can resist a good oral argument, amirite?! Certainly not some guy who dragged his 10-year old daughter in to watch) you can listen to the proceedings here. [Audio from the 8th Circuit]. You’ll hear Paul Clement representing the league and Ted Olson (yes that Ted Olson) for the players.


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