AGC to Weaver: No further action

Retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth A. Weaver posted a link on her website to a letter from the Attorney Grievance Commission.

The AGC wrote to tell Weaver and retired Justice Maura Corrigan (who was chosen by Gov. Rick Snyder to head the Michigan Department of Human Services) that a complaint Corrigan filed against Weaver in March with the AGC warrants no further action.

The complaint stemmed from an alleged ex parte conversation between Weaver and attorney Jon Muth. But the tension between Weaver and her colleagues on the Court had been brewing for years before coming to a head in May, 2010, when Corrigan let it be known publicly that she had filed a complaint against Weaver, and Justice Stephen J. Markman and now-Chief Justice Robert P. Young signed it with her.

Ultimately, Weaver announced in August 2010 that she would retire, which left her seat on the court open to be filled by a then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm appointee, Alton Thomas Davis. Davis ran for re-election with only weeks to organize a campaign, but lost in the November election.

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