No, that wasn’t a thank-you note from your Aunt Jane

If you can’t say something nice, say it with smut.

That was a 50-year-old Saranac man’s apparent plan, as he decided to mail homosexual pornography to as many as 20 people — including one victim who received five letters.

From The Grand Rapids Press:

Walter White was recently arrested and arraigned on five misdemeanor charges of mailing an obscenity, counts that could land him up to one year in jail if convicted.

Ionia County sheriff’s Deputy Rich Charon said residents clustered in an around Saranac began receiving the images in the mail in March. Victims also popped up in the cities of Belding and Ionia, and police allege White used other victims’ addresses as the return residence on the mailings.

“People were getting inundated with this stuff and it was pretty disturbing to them,” Charon said. “It made them uneasy and made them wonder if someone was watching them.”

Charon said some of the mailings included one-word insults or slurs written on the pornography.

“He sent them to people he wasn’t happy with, people that he had an issue with,” Charon said.

White was scheduled for a July 26 pre-trial hearing in Ionia County District Court.

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