Legislature mulls medical marijuana bills

Michigan lawmakers are preparing bills to clarify the current state of confusion surrounding a voter-approved medical marijuana law, according to The Associated Press.

New bills are being drafted for introduction to the Legislature within the next few months, joining some that already have been introduced. The bills would require stricter doctor-patient relationships before a patient could get authorization to use the drug and likely cut down on the number of marijuana dispensaries in the state.

The law, approved by Michigan voters in 2008, has sparked confusion as local governments, police, patients and businesses try to sort out exactly what is legal. Some of the legislative changes proposed would require support from three-fourths majorities in both the Republican-led House and Senate.

Among the changes being considered, according to The AP:

Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to make it a felony for physicians to knowingly give false certification of a patient’s debilitating condition and to knowingly submit false information on an application for a patient or caregiver card.

Some police agencies want a better system to verify the authenticity of authorization cards, concerned that it’s difficult to tell fakes from legitimate ones.

The state has issued more than 80,000 medical marijuana patient registrations.

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