Allegan Judge tosses election fraud charges

From the Allegan News:

A judge has thrown out state election fraud charges against Saugatuck Township Clerk Jane Wright and deputy clerk Lori Babinski.
Judge Paul Bridenstine ruled Sept. 6 “… this court is not satisfied that plaintiff has presented probable cause evidence of willfulness.”
Babinski and Wright were accused in Allegan County District Court of criminally mishandling ballots in a closely-contested May 2010 millage election. Voters approved—491 to 489—a ballot proposal to fund legal defense of township land-use laws, most notably against lawsuits filed by billionaire Aubrey McClendon, who hopes to develop the former Denison property on Lake Michigan.
At an August hearing, attorneys for the clerks and Michigan Attorney General’s office agreed that the pair removed ballots from an approved container, placed it in a ballot bag and resealed it.
This had the effect of assuring a recount could not be conducted. Bradford Springer, the clerks’ attorney, argued they had done so because of a letter from an assistant Allegan County clerk directing them to ready their ballot containers to be inspected.


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