Arrr, mates: We be talkin’ pirate at th’ MSC

Aye, she’s a saucy lassie, that Marcia McBrien, the usually demure public information officer of the Michigan Supreme Court.

When International Talk Like a Pirate Day rolls around each September 19th, McBrien treats members of the press, and anyone else who will listen, to a bit of swashbuckling language to celebrate the occasion. From her Monday email concerning upcoming oral arguments before the MSC:

Pay heed, ye feisty wenches an’ bold lads o’ th’ Fourth Estate, or I’ll keel-haul the lot of ye!

Th’ Supreme Court be holdin’ oral arguments from October 4-6, startin’ each day at three bells o’ the forenoon watch! (That’s 9:30 a.m. for you landlubbers out there.) Turn yer weather eye on th’ attached scuttlebutt. Case summaries’ll be posted online next week.

Me shipmates, Buccaneer Barb an’ Cap’n Leslie, join me in biddin’ ye a Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! May yer timbers never shiver and yer swash ne’er buckle!

A fair wind an’ good sailin’, mates —

Mad Marcia
Pirate Information Officer

And t’ that I be addin’: “May a scurvy dog never yer path t’ cross.”

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