Wayne Circuit e-filing coming in November

Wayne County has announced its court e-filing system will go live on November 7. The county’s system is going to be based on Oakland County’s successful e-filing system, which we wrote about in early September.

As with other counties that have recently rolled out or are about to roll out e-filing system, Wayne’s system will start out as mandatory only for certain types of cases before expanding to more generalized cases. At launch, only contract cases coded as “CK” will have to be filed electronically.

The clerk’s office will begin offering training “webinars” (internet-based seminars) for  for its new e-filing system later in October. Training sessions will be October 24-28 at 10-11:30 am and 3-4:30 pm, and October 31-November 4 at the same times. Attorneys and their support staffs are encouraged to participate in the webinars.

To register for a webinar, go to https://www.3rdcc.org/eFiling.aspx

If you have any questions about Wayne County’s e-filing system, call the clerk’s office at (313) 224-6496.

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