Applying for law school? Check your Facebook page

Hey, law school applicants: You probably didn’t need a 1,439,953rd reason to remove all those drunken college photos from your Facebook page (or your abandoned MySpace page, for that matter), but here it is anyway: law school admissions offices are Googling you for more info. [Wall Street Journal, National Law Journal. HT: ABA Journal]

A healthy 41% of law school admissions officers said they have Googled an applicant to learn more about them, while 37% have checked out an applicant on Facebook or other social networking site. Only 20% of college admissions officers and 27% of business school admissions officers said they Googled an applicant, while less than a quarter of either group have visited an applicant’s Facebook page.

It follows then that law school admissions officers dig up the most dirt. The survey found that 32% of those who researched an applicant online discovered something that negatively impacted an applicant’s admissions chances. Only 12% of college admission officers and 14% of business school admissions officers found something online that negatively impacted an applicant.

Forty-one percent don’t have enough information from the massive application and essays to make a call about you. Thirty-seven percent think the possibility  you might be a degenerate is so high that they need to go to your Facebook page and see if you list “street chemistry” among your interests.

So clean up your page, or at least update your permissions. I’d hate to see you miss your chance at months of post-graduation unemployment because your old fraternity brother won’t remove that photo of you, the bong and that goat (“Chill out, brah!”)

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