Give the gift that keeps on billing (and other holiday suggestions)

Those of us who have been writing headlines at daily, general-audience newspapers for years know that December means opening the stowed-away box marked “Holiday phrases” and putting together something that involves some use of “Tis the season,” “Yes, Virginia, there really is a …,” and, around Dec. 22, “Twas the night before …”

But what about when it comes to the legal profession?

How about: “Seasons pleadings”?

Maybe it’s best to stop now while the groans are still fresh.

Anyway, here are some law-related gifts for your loved one who happens to be part of the State Bar:

Approach the Bench: The Chess Set for Legal Professionals: As recently spotlighted by the ABA Journal, this set is made up of cast bronze pieces that have the king piece “represented by a bewigged judge, the queen is a blind lady justice, the bishops are attorneys, knights are bailiffs, rooks are stacks of law books and pawns are jurors. … [T]he board (made from bronze and travertine tile) has three levels to resemble the judge’s bench and jury box.” Yours to give for $595.

SCOTUS Christmas Ornament: The J. Michael Goodson Law Library at Duke recommends this addition to your tree. It’s plated in 24 karat gold “and can be hung along with your other ornaments or it can stand on its own ‘feet.’” Probably not something to give to counsel who recently lost a case there, but likely a good piece of inspiration for young attorneys who dream of arguing before the Big 9. Find it at the Supreme Court Historical Society Gift Shop.

Billable Hour Timepieces: Sold by the eponymous online retailer, these watches and clocks keep time in 10ths of an hour, for when those increments really count. Let’s see those smartphones do that. Check out Attorney at Work for other suggestions.


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