Buh bye, driver responsibility fees

It’s been a law with some serious unintended consequences, and some judges have even said it’s a debtors’ prison, of sorts. And now many of the driver responsibility fees are repealed. Gone. Dead. Good riddance.

Gov. Rick Snyder yesterday signed bills that repeal some of the state’s driver responsibility fees for offenses such as operating a motor vehicle with an expired license, operating without a valid license, having more than one license or failing to surrender licenses from other states.

The bill, Senate Bill 166, was sponsored by state Sen. Bruce Caswell, and is now Public Act 255.

Said the governor of the new law: “This legislation addresses unintended consequences of the previous law and helps protect many of our most economically vulnerable Michiganders.”

3 thoughts on “Buh bye, driver responsibility fees

  1. This is MAJOR….Some Michiganders have felt compelled to file for bankruptcy to escape the onerous clutches of the Driver Responsibility Fee law. Courts will have to look elsewhere to generate revenues. And, citizens should try to stay within the bounds of traffic laws to begin with, but the DR Law became akin to a quasi-debtor’s prison…NO ESCAPE! (Until now.)

  2. Its great the governor signed that bill. And i think its great that it will prevent new offendors from having to deal with the potentially life altering events, (some very extreme), resulting from “THE FEES'”. But he says the bill addresses unintended coseqeunces of the previous law when in fact it doesnt do that at all. It will prevent those consequences from happening more, but all of us dealing with the unintended consequences already still have to continue to deal with them. Our fees are not being dismissed. And furthermore, nothing has been done so we dealing with the unintended consequences can get our driving priviledges back any simpler or sooner. Again, its great he signed the bill, but it does nothing to deal with the unintended consequences, just prevents any furthermore.

  3. It is great that it prevents future unintended conseqeuences from happening, but it does not address the unintended consequences from the previous law. I am told i still owe the fees i was assessed in past and cannot set up a feasable payment plan that allows to get my license valid while paying. I am STILL stuck! No measures were taken to address the unintended consequences from already assessed fees. NONE. I am greatful the fees have been eliminated from possibly ruining lives and goals from future… But do not say it addresses unintended consequences from when the fees were in affect. No retribution has been put in place to help us already dealing with the so called unintended consequences.

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