Lawmakers pass judicial reduction bills

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert P. Young Jr. got a great big Valentine today, as the last of a package of bills to reduce the number of Michigan judges passed in the House today.

Young has focused much of his energy during his first year as chief, on right-sizing the state’s judiciary, something he has said needed to be done for years.

“The legislators are doing the right thing for the courts and for the taxpayers,” said Young in a statement issued today. “In politics, it’s easy to grow the size of government, but it takes political courage to reduce it. These legislators showed their courage and their common sense.”

He went on to say that the reductions represent the largest cut in judgeships ever accomplished in the United States.

When complete, the cuts will save the state $6 million per year. The cuts will be accomplished by attrition, and will be save about $750,000 by the end of this year.

The reductions were recommended by the State Court Administrative Office in its biannual report issued in August.

To read the report, click here.


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