St. Joseph probate judge retiring after 24 years

Mlive is reporting that Judge Thomas Shumaker has announced his retirement from St. Joseph County Probate Court.

“I feel this is best for me, my family and my staff,” Shumaker said in a statement. “It is time I stop judging others and turn to helping others, for as things exist I find it harder to do so from the bench.”

Shumaker, who has sat on the bench for the last 24 years, is the second judge in Centreville to announce he will not seek re-election in November. District Court Judge William Welty announced in December he planned to retire at the end of his term. Both will leave office at year’s end.

There already is a candidate for Shumaker’s seat: Three Rivers attorney John Barnes, who on Tuesday announced his candidacy.

In his announcement, Barnes said he has handled “thousands of cases” involving probate, estate planning and abuse and neglect. In addition, for the past 22 years, Barnes handled criminal cases and municipal law cases as an assistant city attorney for Three Rivers.


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