Detroit attorney arrested in court for witness tampering, obstruction

For every attorney who’s ever had a bad day in court, at least he or she(probably) didn’t end that day in jail.

Detroit criminal defense attorney David Dunn wasn’t so lucky. As he walked into court to defend his client on murder charges, he was hit with charges of his own: for conspiracy to commit perjury, witness interference, obstruction of justice, perjury enticement and solicitation to commit a felony.

“I categorically deny these allegations,” Dunn told presiding Judge Timothy Kenny after a couple of stammering false starts and before courtroom deputies escorted him to the lockup. …

Outside court, [Wayne County assistant prosecutor Elizabeth] Walker said she couldn’t go into detail about the allegations or what led to the arrest. But she said such alleged actions taint the criminal justice system.

While Walker couldn’t say it, somebody could, as the story says the case is “built on recorded telephone conversations.”

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